Avant Provocateur fashion collection – PhD project

The subject of my PhD thesis is „AVANT PROVOCATEUR – fashion as aesthetic rebellion „.

In 2012 as a result of my study, research, creative thoughts and experience my PhD project started taking shape.

In Avant Provocateur fashion collection I am trying to blur the harmful boundary between people with and without disability. The collection consist of eight corrective garments intended for all women. I would like my clothes to be the medium through which non-disabled people will explore the world of people with disabilities and get used to it. I belive, that main role of the role of the clothing is not to beautify the body of a person but support its physical condition and health, make the body feel comfortable. This way the art of fashion would make a lot of sense. Therfore, my entire collection has a sporty character. Clothes are mainly made of medical and healthy materials. I used healthy wool fabric, lycra, breathable fabric with silver ions, beneficial health mustard seeds for filling and splinting thermoplastics.

In 2013, I organized a photo session of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. I used the set design created for the exhibition „Square in the Pavilion”. The model posed on the background of exercise equipment.

fot. Arkadiusz Wiedeński